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Being a Female in Nepal and Germany

Women are considered as life givers, caring, kind and the live form of nature. However the society, cultural backgrounds and traditions from different countries all around the world generate some differences being a female.

Even though there are more females living in Nepal, it still has a male dominated society. However it has the biggest festival celebration, Teej, which is especially dedicated to Hindu women. Teej is celebrated by women by observing a fast without eating or drinking anything to wish for a long life of their husbands or to wish for a loving and caring husband.

Since the Nepali students are currently in Germany for the Media School Nepal Germany (MSNG), six girls met and talked about the comparison of being a female in Nepal and Germany. Listen to the podcast by Ina Vogt, Neha Sharma, Svenja Schröder, Shikha Neupane, Sabita Bhattarai and Lara Tietze.

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