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Goodbye to the lies: 

Reema Shrestha, a school teacher, was caught in a web of lies when she shared with her students a fake report on the death of a certain political leader that was shared on Facebook. The ballyhoo that Mrs Shrestha fell for is one of innumerable cases of fake news circulating in social media. Most of… Continue reading Goodbye to the lies: 

Politics and Economy

Paedophile in Valley 

For Samaya Limbu (name changed) of Swayambhu, foods and expensive goods offered by an old American man was enough for him to get lured to this gentleman. The foreigner would then take the child to his hotel and slowly strip the child naked, touch his private parts or ask the child to touch his. In… Continue reading Paedophile in Valley 

Politics and Economy

The Unsung Battle: Child Labour 

Inside the premises of shelter home of The Good Weave Foundation, a 14-year old child sits listlessly on a warm Wednesday afternoon. School uniform covers his body, a torn blue socks in his feet, hands and cheeks are coarse-textured and he constantly looks down with a sigh. He looks afraid, for reasons unknown. This child… Continue reading The Unsung Battle: Child Labour 

Environment, Video

PANI – Water Pollution & Scarcity in Kathmandu

The water situation in Kathmandu is getting worse every day. To raise awareness to this important topic, we documented some stories of the affected Nepali. A film by Janina Stellpflug, Bipin Banjara, Mario Grabowski, Nishon Shakya and Alena Wedell. Made in February 2018. Media School Nepal Germany.


DYING TO BREATHE: Air Crisis in Kathmandu 

About time we seriously concern our dusty reality?  February, a dry season, has seen some of the most polluted days in the last six months in the country. Naturally the pollution in winter is high as it is mostly human induced, contributing to air pollution as people tend to burn more wastes, garbages and open… Continue reading DYING TO BREATHE: Air Crisis in Kathmandu 

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What does migration do to your mind?

Migration is changing the world. In 2017, almost 258 million people are international migrants, according to UN Population Division estimates, meaning 3.4 percent of the world’s population are living in a country other than their country of birth. Regarding the destinations, two-thirds of the international migrated to just twenty countries worldwide, while half of them… Continue reading What does migration do to your mind?

Culture & Art

 A different culture – a different life? 

In times of globalization, people aren´t staying the whole time in their life on the same place. It becomes normal, that people spent their time in different cities and different countries. In this area, migration is very important. But what does migration mean exactly? Migration is a widespread term. Migration means movement of people to… Continue reading  A different culture – a different life? 

Culture & Art, Video

A story from the Street

According to Census 2011, the population of blind is 96.000 in Nepal. Blindness is not only a health problem but also a social and economic problem. Their limited mobility excludes them from many opportunities for education and employment. A group of blind people who make music daily in Pashupatinath told the MSNG Team how they… Continue reading A story from the Street

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The Unknown Trafficking

  Apart from obvious crimes like drug dealing or violence, human trafficking is the fastest growing crime industry in the world, affecting especially multiple countries primarily across Asia and the Middle East. Worldwide 2.4 million people are currently forced in labor as a result of of trafficking. Annually, 600.000 to 800.000 people are trafficked across… Continue reading The Unknown Trafficking