The Media School Nepal is a collaboration between Kathmandu University (KU) from Nepal and Jade University of Applied Science (JHS) from Germany. The first cross-cutting work started in summer 2016. Students from Nepal and Germany are working together on an online blog about their project, press freedom in both the countries and the contrast of press and education in both parts of the world. The first exchange was commenced in Germany  in summer 2016, while the next exchange was organized in Nepal in February 2017.

The press freedom ranking of Germany and Nepal is 16th and 105th respectively as per the reports published by reporters without borders. Media School will give an excellent opportunity for the students to get to know and to have the first-hand experience regarding how press freedom is handled in each countries.

Dr. Beate Illg, Professor for Communications Studies from the Department of Management, Technology and Information at Jade University, had been working to have a collaboration with a university in Nepal since 2012. Kathmandu University (KU), with its excellent reputation, was easily the best option as both universities offer the programs of “Media Studies” (in KU) and “Media Management and Journalism” (in JHS). These programs are pretty similar to each other.

The agreement was signed from both universities in 2014. The first exchange, planned in 2015, could not be realized because of a series of disastrous earthquake in Nepal. Nevertheless, MSNG was finally realized forming a partnership between the universities. An integral part of MSNG was providing the students an opportunity to study a semester abroad. This was commenced after three students from KU arrived in Wilhelmshaven for the winter semester and one German student was going to Kathmandu for a semester. In the same way, there have been plans of integrating this program between the other departments of each university.

August 29, 2016 – Patrick Klapetz