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Paedophile in Valley 

For Samaya Limbu (name changed) of Swayambhu, foods and expensive goods offered by an old American man was enough for him to get lured to this gentleman. The foreigner would then take the child to his hotel and slowly strip the child naked, touch his private parts or ask the child to touch his. In return, the child would happily get back to his parents bringing along loads of foods and gift. The destitute family members did not bother to ask where the goods came from.

This case of paedophile came to the fore only after Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), acting on a tip, arrested Kenneth Joseph. In his statement to the police, the arrestee revealed that he was attracted towards to male child and also taking a child of same sex did not exude skepticism.He was arrested previously following a charge of paedophile in America too.

In another instance, the CIB reported the case in which a 63 year old German was charged paedophile on 14 January 2018. The suspect was caught in a rented room with two minor males at Botebahal, Kathmandu. One of Hans Jurgen Gustav Dahm aka Yogen (passport number

C8WV4229W) victims said that he lured children with money, expensive goods and brought them to his room.

As the number of foreigners arrested on charge of paedophile are increasing gradually in the country, security agency are having hard time tracking them down.

Because such cases are barely reported and many times are swept under the carpet, police struggle even during the time of investigation. Many times the victims deny that they were molested or sometimes parents don’t want to report it fearing that the incident might impact the future of their children.

Inspector Kamala Subedi of Crime Investigation Department says “child molestation is a very secret crime and in many of the cases the children do not even know what is happening to them.“It can not be exposed until the victims speak out or report the crime,” said Subedi. 

A news report from The Kathmandu Post published in September 2017 states that in one year 5 high-profile paedophiles have been arrested. This has called for a serious review on the way foreigners enter the country and also maintain high-level security and background checks at the international airport. Since, foreigners prefer urban areas over rural areas, urban-poor have high chances of being trafficked by them.

Police began serious investigations on paedophiles after infamous criminal was arrested from Nepal. Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh who was arrested on March 2015 with the charges of molestation, was sentenced prison for seven-year at Nakhu Prison in Nepal with a fine of $12,650. Before this, he had been sentenced four years for 14 different charges in 2011 and again additional 18 months for four more charges in Canada.

Experts attribute such incidents often relate to poverty. Poverty is becoming more pervasive in Nepal. It is increasing in urban areas, whilst it is declining in rural areas. The absolute number of urban poor increased from 500,000 in 1996 to 800,000 in 2011.

The urban poor areas are fertile territories for the rise of criminalization and armed groups. Often times, these areas are not sufficiently covered by the police or government, resulting violent crimes going either unreported or unrecorded.

Inspector Subedi added that parents should inquire about the gifts that their children get while report any suspicious activities by people including foreigners.


A text by Ishita Shahi

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